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Sara's Secret Sola Softening and Squishifying Solution

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Sara's Secret Sola Softening and Squishifying Solution

This top secret concentrated solution is to help you make your sola flowers SQUISHY! Best results when used with UNiCORN SPiT and latex based paints. Only 2.25 tsp mixed with 2 cups of HOT water and whatever paint you want to use will help make them a little softer. Add a little more or a little less and play with different mediums! Find the ratio you like best and then never look back! So far I have used with Latex based (works best with this), Acrylic based and even the famous Unicorn SPiT ( Here is a link to Michelle's UNiCORN SPiT. Her test mediums are the metallics called ARTiSTiC ViVATiONS. And she is awesome!)

NEW! Diluted spray bottles! These are mixed and ready to go without you having to add water. Just shake and spray!Comes with spray top.

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